Shinjuku, Tokyo

The majority of the jobs on planet earth take place in large buildings where many people must
sit in rooms; 
quietly, patiently, reserved, spirit on hold.
Check your personality at the door.
Leave your smile at home.
Keep that gender spectrum in your lunchbox.
No sexual identities in the elevator…..
please use the stairs (stares). 


In this supressive world, a tie is all one is given to express themselves……
a 59 x 3 inch length of cloth……pattern of YOUR choice.

But there is always a SECRET gate
a loophole
a break in the garden fence
a crack under the steel door where the happy rat can enter, breakdance, and exit at it’s leisure.

even the wildest animal must sometimes follow rules to feed itself and keep shelter from the elements……
but we can always be ourselves.
strangled by the corporate hand,
we tickle the tightest grip.

KYYBOiii15 presents the “3PIECE SUIT”

Anonymous businesswoman says:  
“I love it. It has allowed me to frighten my enemies and inspire my friends. Plus, ice cold swag.”

Anonymous businessman says:
“Not since I was born have I felt so comfortable kicking and screaming.”

Infamous transgender teen:
“I will wear this to the awards.”

Notorious pigeon:
“From up here, I’ve noticed several changes in brain chemistry since the release.”